Change your career step by step

Change your career step by step

Many times I hear from people that they have the desire to change their career entirely. Do we not all dream at times of starting our own restaurant on the beach, riding horses for a living or making a career out of saving other people’s lives? It is wonderful to fantasise about your dream career and ask yourself the question what it represents for you.

It becomes different, however, when you feel so strongly about this lurking career calling that you would actually like to realise your ambitions. This is a challenging task and it pays off to discuss your ambitions and strategies with a career coach. What is important for you to keep in mind during this process is that career changes usually cannot be made overnight. First it is a good idea to check your expectations with reality; is that career really going to be as you expect it to be? Then you can make a plan in which you take into consideration the several routes you can take – in my experience there are always more than one. The bottom line is that changing careers is about taking mini steps. Yes, taking the big jump is tempting. If you feel you have a chance then I advise you to go for it. For most of us, however, it pays off to set realistic targets in which we take mini steps to achieve our ultimate dream career.

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As an example I would like to tell you about a client who currently works as an accountant in the ICT industry. He has observed that the health care industry in his home country in Africa is suffering compared to what he is used to in the West. His dream is to give something back to his home country by working in a logistical role in the health care sector. Going from an accountant and changing both your role and industry at the same time is a big step. Therefore we discussed that he consider first exploring the health care industry by working as an accountant or changing into a logistical role but remaining in the ICT industry.

If you are looking into changing your career and appreciate expertise coaching and advice from a qualified career coach, I invite you to fill out our contact form. I wish you inspiration in making your dream career a reality!

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