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Social network advertising is a set of terms used to describe the types of online advertising that focus on social networking services. One of the major benefits of this type of advertising is that advertisers can take advantage of consumers demographic information and target their ads properly. Social media targeting combines existing targeting options (such as geotargeting, behavioral targeting, social-psychological targeting, etc.) to make identifying the target group possible. 

With social media targeting, ads are distributed to users based on the information collected from target group profiles. Social network advertising is not necessarily a target of social media. Targeting social media is one way to improve social media advertising by using profile data to deliver ads directly to individual users. Social network advertising is the process of matching social network users to groups that are defined by advertising.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the most popular social network for advertising, it’s developed by a targeting technology that can deliver ads to a specific audience. It’s inside a Facebook product called Facebook Advertising, which is available to consumers and businesses alike. When posting an ad through Facebook Ad Manager, an ad is provided with a set of features that define its target market. These features include geographical location, gender, age, work, relationship status, and interests, such as music. 

Facebook claims that advertisers can customize their target audience based on their behavior, such as shopping patterns, device usage and other activities. This is the reason that Facebook users see ads on their profile pages that are related to their preferences and interests. This allows ads to be less successful and more successful at delivering appropriate content to the right audience. The advertising algorithm is also capable of monitoring and performance so that advertisers or Facebook marketers can adjust the type, budget, and duration of ads based on their performance, as well as their audience.

Types of Advertising

Famous social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube offer different ways to advertise brands. Facebook gives options to its advertisers such as Promoted the Posts, Sponsored your Facebook Stories, Page Post Ads, Facebook Object ads, and External website ads. There are promoter tweets, trends and promotion accounts that show up on users’ news feeds to advertise on Twitter. For advertising on YouTube, here are branded channels, promoted videos and video ads. 

Another type of advertising is using a tool called “Buy Buttons.” Some networks are already getting involved in “buying the buttons”, or becoming direct marketers for different products that the business wants to promote on their social media platforms. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are already involved in such partnerships, and this is just the beginning. The “Shopping Button” is a gateway to influence online shopping. These ads pop up in the news feed of the social media interface and also give you the option to click a button and buy the same item there. That’s only less than 2% of online sales.

Advantages of Facebook Advertising

  • Advertisers can reach consumers who are interested in their products.
  • This allows for detailed analysis and reporting including business intelligence.
  • The information submitted is genuine, not from statistical projections.
  • Doesn’t reach the IP addresses of users.

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