Hands on: Doom Eternal review

Doom Eternal review

The everlasting doom is developed into a sequel’s world. Whereas in previous hands sessions, the action packed game suffered from a few hikes, our recent session left some worries. Doom Eternal is blood-pumping, gore-packed fun and certainly is not so unthinking as its predecessors. Those frustrated with this delay are definitely not disappointed.

 Doom Eternal review

The legacy company of I d Software had been granted a new lease of life when Doom came out on the scene in 2016. This lease came with heavy metal and action, which would make the player’s head spin too easily and have been well earned for critical acclaim.

ID is now attempting for a second time with Doom Eternal to catch the fire of Hell in a jar, you, the Slayer of the Doom, against big and small monsters, again. This time the horde is not content to remain within Hell’s borders, using portals known as slipgates for Earth, Mars, and more. As the Doom Slayer, repeling monsters with bullets, rockets and sometimes plasma bursts is your job.

At E3 2019, QuakeCon Europe 2019 and most importantly a demo session, we were able get some hands-on experience for Doom Eternal. This is what we think of our recent trip back and forth to Hell.

ocean of games

Learning the ropes

The demonstration E3 Doom Eternal started with a short tutorial, giving us an insight into the many mobility options available for Doom Slayer. With a double leap, he will fly over large holes, take any walls with a mechanic scaling a wall, and bring them forward with only one click. Combining these movements can hurry up and fit perfectly with the aggressive style of the game.

Nevertheless, the dynamics ‘ efficiency left something to be expected during the E3 test. One section of the tutorial brought us to climb a wall, and then to double jump down to another climbing wall easily get in ocean of games. We could lay on the first wall very well, the problems came when we got into the second wall. We would reach the wall with each trial, but when we pressed on, the command to grab the wall would not be recorded. After a couple attempts, we eventually had it and could push on, but feeling that it was really disheartening in our tutorial after just 30 minutes.

However, when we were again playing the same demonstration in QuakeCon Europe the tutorial-and the game itself-didn’t come across that same problem. In fact, the overall movement and fighting in the latest hands-on session (which was much longer than the demo’s). We had to use a’ doom slayer ‘ ability to pass unstable platforms in spikey chains and lava-and he walked quite seamlessly for a big guy.

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