THE DARK CRYSTAL: AGE OF RESISTANCE TACTICS Pc Game REVIEW I love strategy games and I love The Dark Crystal, but coming into this adaptation of the Netflix TV series, I was pretty skeptical about the possibility of squishing the two together. It is therefore a privilege to say that while Age of Resistance Tactics never entirely supports the mix, it is a game that is far richer and more substantive than I anticipated.

For those unaware, the series (self produced out of a 1982 cult film) takes place in a strange fantasy universe, portrayed mainly by puppetry and animatronics, where the screeching, aggressive Skeksis oppresses the fragile and gentle Gelflings. The game retells this tale broadly, with a few fresh diversions of its own, albeit in a way that is jumbled and brief enough for anyone who has it


With too little context for the uninitiated, and not enough new elements to satisfy any audience wanting substantive changes to the narrative, the plot falls largely flat. Yet there’s where the game shows through their play in

When you advance through the campaign board, you bring together heroes ‘ parties— from a packed roster of show characters and new additions — to fight back in turn-based fights. The technique is pleasingly straightforward thanks to a consistent layout, a quick design and a helpful undo option, while still complicated enough to sustain its remarkably chunky 20 hour runtime.

In its mission design, Through the Breach has clues (calm down, only hints), with proper placement and maneuvering key to success.

Environmental hazards, such as poison swamps and popping Gobbles pits, kill anyone who stands in them — movement and pushing skills enable you to line up enemies and fire them into those hazards, though it is important not to leave the soldiers exposed to the same trick. Stages are becoming cleverer and more complex as you go, demonstrating a real flair for creating a plan. You have to keep an eye on the tide on the coastal islands, which can overwhelm hapless warriors, or lower to reveal new routes;

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