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The ladder of Digital Immersion

Who many runs soon for, prays the Spanish saying. It is known that the stairs go up step by step,our mothers were already in charge of reminding us, if you try to climb them three by three you run the risk of falling. This statement applies to many areas, but is of particular relevance when it comes to digital transformation.

Digital transformation is an ongoing process over time,in which many factors beyond technological ones are involved. It’s no use digitizing a company if we don’t empower employees to be able to adopt digitization in their work. In fact, the cultural change of the organization is considered the most complex challenge of digital transformation for Spanish companies.

In this process there are no shortcuts,we can accelerate it if the strategic involvement and the efforts carried out are greater but under no circumstances can we skip the necessary steps if we want to carry out a real digital transformation that is sustainable. These steps have implications at all levels of the company, so the transformation needs to be led in a combined way between IT and business .

From the digital marketing area of Capgemini we understand that it is necessary to focus digital transformation by carrying out a progressive digital immersion. We plan to divide the dive into a series of phases or steps, so that no projects of the next step are undertaken until the different initiatives of the common step have been completed.

Just as no one would think of buying a Ferrari as soon as they take off their driver’s license, we understand that to carry out the most complex digital initiatives it is necessary to have gone through different degrees or steps of maturity or digital immersion. The following image illustrates this digital immersion “ladder”.

Digital Foundations

In a first phase we establish what we call Digital Foundations. In this step are carried out the initiatives that will establish the basis on which to support the digitization of the company. It includes the architecture and strategies that coordinate the different digital actions to be carried out.

Digital Expansion

The second step is the stage we call Digital Expansion. At this stage, symptoms begin to occur outside the organization (digital contact points). It also starts empowering employees in digital skills and the results of actions taken in digital media begin to be analyzed.

Digital Optimization

The third stage is identified as Digital Optimization. At this point you delve into the actions of the previous step. The companies that are in this step we can say that they have a true digital culture, they are able to analyze digital information in an advanced way,predicatively and with self-learning processes. They also interact with their customers through those channels that they prefer at all times, collect their feedback in an advanced way and are able to establish innovations derived from co-creation.

Digital Maximization

The last step, which few companies reach today, is the Digital Maximization. At this stage we observe automated processes in which authentic artificial intelligence’s applied. Huge amounts of data, both internal and external, are analyzed, allowing for true customization of the customer experience. All this allows the creation of new business models based on the digital world,such as virtual reality or augmented reality.

Progress through these four steps requires the implementation of multiple projects and initiatives, involve multiple areas that need to be coordinated and undoubtedly need many hours of work to be carried out. For this reason, more than half of companies need to rely on a specialized partner is essential to carrying out digital transformation.

From the practice of Insights and Data and Digital Customer Experience of Capgemini we offer companies a human group with digital DNA,trained in agile methodologies,certified in the most productive digital tools on the market and specialized in different digital hypes,all aimed at ensuring the digital transformation of our customers.


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