Using a GPS Tracker to Protect Assets

Implementing a GPS tracker solution is the best way to monitor your valuable assets. Most businesses own and transport high value assets on a daily basis. These can include everything from laptop computers through to expensive specialist machinery and loaded trailers. In the past, it was nigh on impossible to keep an up to date record of where your various assets were currently located and who was using them. This lack of information would often create a sense of confusion and disorganisation. Productivity would often drop off because of this. Using GPS tracker technology to monitor assets gives businesses the opportunity to observe how and when their assets are used, as well as their current locations.

Protecting Your High Value Assets

Trailers are routinely loaded to the brim with valuable materials and products. Losing high value trailers like these would almost certainly have catastrophic financial consequences for most businesses. By installing asset-tracking technology into your trailers, you’ll have full knowledge of their locations at any time. The devices can be hidden away, and draw the small amounts of power they need directly from the trailers’ sidelights. A GPS tracker system is especially useful for tracking assets that are likely to be stationary for long periods. The devices will automatically sleep if they detect no movement in order to save power. They will then activate if their inbuilt accelerometer detects a change. This allows you to check and confirm that any movement of high value loads has been authorised in advance, and take action if it hasn’t.

Why Use a GPS Tracker to Protect Your Assets?

The single most obvious benefit that GPS tracker technology provides is that you will always know exactly where your assets are currently located. This will help you spot any problems, and also provide peace of mind. On top of that, it can save you money by increasing efficiency in your organisation. In the past, countless amounts of time and energy would be wasted searching for equipment or scouring records to find out when trailers were due to arrive. These, once resource consuming, tasks can now be simplified and completed with just a few clicks of a mouse. The accurate electronic system will also reduce the likelihood of delays caused by human error. At one time a simple oversight – such as an employee failing to record a trailer arriving – could cause huge amounts of confusion. By automating the system using GPS tracker technology, you can avoid this possibility and feel reassured that your records are always up to date and accurate.


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